*Update 5/22/14; The purpose of this site has been served. Although this site will remain for the next 20 years you do not need to go beyond this page. I’m declaring the win and will now reset myself to an earlier restore point, I’m thinking 1996. -Dana Wichmann


Remember; This July 4th I would like to remind people to thank all the brave police and fire fighters who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.  Remember the job they have and the tremendous stress they are under every single minute of the day. Sometimes they screw up. But remember to grant them a, “4th strike” if you will before calling them out. They deserve it. (You would think three driving complaints prior to this would have been enough to get the bad cop off the road. Who’s’ fault do you think that was? One bad cop covers for another bad cop because he owes him something) (MN Statute 169.17 Makes this manslaughter, no question. They knew this statute and that makes it criminally negligent homicide, no question).

Remember also another somber anniversary coming up July 8th. Of course I’m referring to the tragic loss of Myra Meyer and Brian Wichmann in New Ulm.  They lost their lives but please remember that to keep us safe on the mean streets of New Ulm certain tactics must be employed (Using a car between the cop and the “criminal”, (speeder, in this case probably a soccer mom doing nine miles over) to hide than hit the lights and when the blocking car moves over then its lights off and full speed ahead) and sometimes in the war on crime innocents lose their lives. Tragic, but a necessary risk. Also I would like to give a special shout out to our wonderful  god fearing  Republican legislators  for somehow wrangling  extra time off from work for Brian so he could be in his beloved New Ulm that day. (Remember the republicans shut down the Minnesota Government using extortion  and Brian was laid off from his job at a sheltered workshop. They got their pay checks though didn’t they). Everybody knows how he hated having a job and being a contributing member of society.

Most insincerely,

Dana Wichmann

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